1MG Global

We provide APIs and SDKs to implement global stablecoin funded payment cards and payment programs.

1MG Platform

The 1MG platform is a pioneering modern card issuing platform, seamlessly merging traditional payment cards with DeFi systems. It includes an integrated stablecoin non-custodial wallet, which enables solutions that can effortlessly handle the receipt, transmission, and expenditure of stablecoins. Prioritizing flexibility, innovation, and scalability, 1Money Global empowers companies to issue both physical and virtual cards, facilitating smooth local and cross-border payment transactions.

Payment Card Issuing

Leverage our modern technology and flexible platform to create your own unique and innovative payment experiences across the world.

Card Issuing and Processing

1MG supports the issuance of both virtual and physical payment cards that can be instantly added to digital wallets for immediate use.

API-Driven Architecture

Our robust but simple APIs allow developers to easily integrate cutting-edge payment card solutions into their existing applications.

Authorization Controls

The platform offers advanced real-time transaction authorization controls, enabling businesses to set dynamic rules for card usage.

Global Acceptance

We support global payment acceptance enabling businesses to operate on an international scale and reach customers across borders.

Risk Controls

1MG implements advanced security measures to detect fraud, safeguard transactions, and protect sensitive cardholder information.

Program Analytics

1MG's advanced analytics and reporting tools empower informed decision-making and P&L optimization of card programs.

Stablecoin Wallet Management

Our integrated stablecoin wallet allows you to embed stablecoins into your payment card solutions using our simplified APIs.

Self-Custodial Wallet

The 1MG platform has a built-in self-custodial stablecoin wallet that is tightly integrated into payment card transactions and settlements.

JIT Money Conversion

Spend directly out of stablecoin wallets using just-in-time conversion to local currencies only when needed during payment transactions.

Simplified APIs

You don’t need blockchain or crypto wallet expertise to implement stablecoin wallet functionality using our simplified APIs.

Near-Zero Costs

Achieve near-zero transfer costs by using stablecoin wallets and blockchain technology to instantly send and receive money globally.

Security and Privacy

Blockchain’s decentralized distributed ledger employs advanced cryptographic techniques to enhance privacy and data security.

Future Ready

Be ready for the future where consumers and businesses transact directly using stablecoins and bypass payment cards altogether.

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