Powered Payments

What We Do

We enable global payment cards that receive and spend stablecoins effortlessly.

Stablecoin Funded Programs

We manage the operations of stablecoin-funded payment card programs that have been implemented using our platform.

Turnkey Cross-Border Solutions

We offer turnkey stablecoin-funded payment card solutions that include end-user websites and mobile apps.

1MG Global Payments Platform

We provide APIs and SDKs to implement global stablecoin funded payment cards and payment programs.

Why We Do It

  • Stablecoins are the future for implementing cross-border payroll, remittance, and payments.

  • Integrating traditional payment cards and crypto wallets requires significant expertise and effort.

  • Innovative payment cards enhance consumer engagement and optimize employee efficiency.

Who It's For

  • Corporation looking to offer next-generation global remittance services to consumers.

  • Global payroll companies modernizing how they pay employees and contractors.

  • Businesses that would like to offer their consumers enhanced security and privacy.

How We Do It

Payment Card Platform

Proprietary payment card issuing & processing platform integrated with DeFi payment processing.

DeFi Payment Processing

Smart contracts for L1 and L2 blockchains integrate stablecoins into payment transactions.

Stablecoin Wallet

Integrated wallet connected to just-in-time (JIT) multi-currency conversion for payments.


Simple modern APIs to manage DeFi enabled payment cards, stablecoin wallet, & money transfers.

Program Management

Bank certified program manager handles all payment card operations, regulatory compliance, & support.

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