Our Mission

Provide industry leading technology and solutions that bridge the gap between stablecoins and traditional payments.

Modernize cross-border payments.

Enable stablecoin funded payments cards.

Enable direct stablecoin payments.

Our Story

1Money Global (1MG) was founded in late 2022 by experienced entrepreneurs who have worked together in the payments industry for over a decade. Our journey commenced in 2012 with the pioneering of an advanced payment card issuing platform, allowing our small team to swiftly create robust solutions for major clients like Mastercard, ADP, Amazon, UnitedHealthcare, BBVA Bank, and Optum Bank. Integrated with key processors such as FIS, Visa DPS, Mastercard PTS, and Tutuka, our platform was officially launched by Mastercard in 2018 as Mastercard Assemble, affirming our impactful role in the payment card industry.

In late 2022, 1MG seized a pivotal opportunity driven by the global surge in decentralized finance (DeFi) and stablecoin adoption. With stablecoin settlements hitting 8 trillion US dollars, surpassing Mastercard and set to exceed Visa in 2023, we recognized the swift adoption of this disruptive technology. This realization fueled our launch, envisioning a new generation of global payment cards tightly integrated into DeFi and stablecoin wallets.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology and solutions that connect DeFi, stablecoins, and traditional payments. Leveraging the 1MG team's expertise in developing an advanced card issuing platform, we have a unique advantage in the emerging DeFi-integrated payment card space. Over the past year, we've developed a state-of-the-art card issuing and processing platform tailored for the DeFi landscape. We are now collaborating with partners to introduce a new generation of DeFi-enabled payment cards optimized for global cross-border usage.

Our Leadership Team

A Uniquely Experienced Executive Team

Working Together in Payments for Over 10 years

  • •  Developed Mastercard’s Assemble card-issuing platform launched in 2018 by Mastercard

  • •  Developed payment card programs for Mastercard, ADP, Amazon, UnitedHealthcare, & BBVA Bank

  • •  Approved by 5 banks as a payment card super program manager with PCI Level 1 compliance

  • •  Developed three generations of payment card issuing and management platforms

Jim Collas

Chief Executive Officer

30+ years in product & technology development

Jeff Hall

Chief Operating Officer

20+ years in IT & operations

Bobby Bray

Chief Product Officer

16+ years in product design

Florin Mihoc

Chief Bus-Dev Officer

15+ years F500 strategy & bus-dev exec

Jeff Margileth

Chief Technology Officer

25+ years software development & integration

Peter Hose

Chief Architect

35+ years software development & architecture

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